Very Enjoyable Beer

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4.2% ABV 22 TIBU

Very Enjoyable Beer

GOAT Very Enjoyable Beer stands apart from the rest of the herd.

It’s an uncomplicated, anytime sort of beer with a Mountain Goat twist.

Thanks to a generous allotment of Australian Galaxy and Ella hops and a painstaking fermentation schedule we’ve landed on this clean, balanced lager.

It’s one very enjoyable beer.

AppearancePale gold with a dense white head.

AromaTropical fruit and floral hop aroma.

FlavourMild malt sweetness with a crisp, clean finish.

Organic Steam Ale

Certified Organic. An ale that's cold fermented like a lager to deliver a crisp taste.

4.5% ABV 22 TIBU

Organic Steam Ale

Our certified organic Steam Ale is a brilliant introduction to the world of craft beer.

One of Australia’s first certified organic beers, Steam Ale is not your standard craft beer.

This brew is inspired by traditional steam beers, which are lagers brewed at warm, ale temperatures. We turned this technique on its head by brewing an ale at a cool, lager temperature, and landed at the same result.

Our Steam Ale is exactly what the original steam beer brewers set out to achieve: a crisp, refreshing beer that doesn’t compromise on character.

AppearancePale, almost yellow, with a slight yeast-cloudiness and white foam.

AromaFruity and tropical.

FlavourCrisp and clean with a dry finish.

Summer Ale

Dry and full of fruity, crisp characters. Low on bitterness.

4.7% ABV 20 TIBU

Summer Ale

Summer Ale was brewed with long Aussie summers in mind.

Initial fruity hop palate with aromas reminiscent of passionfruit and melon. The finish is crisp, dry, and even more refreshing.

Say hello to your new hot-weather favourite.

AppearancePale gold with thick white foam.

AromaFruity and floral, reminiscent of passionfruit and melon.

FlavourFruity upfront, finishing crisp and dry.

Pale Ale

Hop-forward with an all-US hop line up. Bursting with stonefruit, pine and citrus notes.

5.2% ABV 30 TIBU

Pale Ale

We’ve been brewing pale ales since before they were cool, so we know what makes a good one.

When we decided to add one to our core range, we took our time to make sure we brewed the best Pale Ale possible.

It took us nearly a decade of trials to land on the recipe or this US-style pale ale, and it has certainly been worth the wait. Hop-forward, medium-bodied and bursting with stone fruit, pine and citrus notes, this beer is everything a good pale ale should be.


AromaPine and stone fruit

FlavourClean, dry, fruity palate

Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants is a fruity, late-hopped amber ale that’s smooth, malty and moderately bitter.

5.2% ABV 30 TIBU

Fancy Pants

Amber ales have always held a special place in our hearts, ever since we released our first one back in 1997.

Rich and full flavoured, they’re classics for a reason. Sometimes, through, you want something a bit more…fancy.

Fancy Pants is Hightail Ale 2.0. We amped up the malt bill, added a truckload hops, and then added even more hops! The bumper malt blend makes for a richer, toffee-like backbone, dotted with notes of spice, and the hops add just enough fruitiness for a slightly bitter finish.

Now that’s fancy.

AppearanceClear amber red with a slightly off-white foam.

AromaFruity and spicy.

FlavourStrong toasted malt notes on the front palate, moving in to a floral and fruity finish.

Billy the Mid

A full flavoured mid-strength pale ale with citrus aromas and a crisp finish.

3.5% ABV 26 TIBU

Billy the Mid

If you think you know mid-strength beer, then you haven’t met Billy.

Brewed with New Zealand malts and American hops, Billy the Mid is an easy-drinking, transpacific pale ale that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Full-bodied, with citrus aromas and a crisp finish, this is mid-strength beer, Mountain Goat style.

AppearancePale gold with white foam.

AromaA hoppy bouquet of orange, passionfruit, and pine.

FlavourHop citrus with a dry, crisp finish.


West-Coast IPA with resinous pine and tropical notes, and a bold bitterness to finish.

6.5% ABV 70 TIBU


Our brewers love a classic IPA, and you can’t get more classic than this one.

For our IPA we drew on twenty years of brewing, two consecutive AIBA Champion IPAs, a couple of trial brews, and more than a few "tasting panels" along the way.

Resinous and citrusy, this is a bold, American-style IPA that was made for hopheads everywhere.

AppearanceGold with a reddish tinge.

AromaResinous pine and citrus peel.

FlavourHop-driven with a bold bitterness and a dry finish.

Hazy Pale Ale

Light-bodied with tropical hop aromas, this hazy pale is seriously quaffable.

4.6% ABV 21 TIBU

Hazy Pale Ale

Borne of music festivals and long summer days, the Hazy Pale is a showcase for Galaxy and Azacca hops.  

Dry hopping at 6 grams per litre results in an assertive tropical fruit aroma and distinctive hop haze in the finished beer. The Hazy is light bodied and eminently quaffable from the discerning use of New Zealand pilsner and wheat malts, with a refreshing mineral finish.

AppearanceGolden with pronounced haze.

AromaTropical fruit hops.

FlavourTropical fruit with a mineral finish.

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