Rare Breed Barrel-Aged Cherry Sour

A barrel-aged cherry sour with soft and balanced tartness.

Rare Breed Barrel-Aged Cherry Sour

For our final Rare Breed of 2021 we pulled out all the stops with this Barrel Aged Cherry Sour Ale.

Wandin Valley dark cherries were aged in French-oak Pinot barrels from the Adelaide Hills. Late in the process we loaded them up again with a mix of sour and dark cherries.

Then we waited. Then we waited some more.

The result? A very soft and delicate cherry sour ale with no bullshit.

Tame acidity lets this beer shine as a well-rounded gift, rather than a Brettanomyces wet fish to the face.

AppearanceTranslucent pink.

AromaSubtle ripe cherry, complemented by a floral background.

FlavourSoft and balanced tartness, rounded off by the French oak. Clean and subtle cherry notes throughout.

Rare Breed Citra Triple IPA

Single-hop Citra Triple IPA brewed with fresh Valencia Orange juice.

9.5% ABV 60 TIBU

Rare Breed Citra Triple IPA

Citra is a hop icon, revolutionising the beer world with big citrus aromas.

This beer was dry-hopped with 17g/L of Citra and a hefty dose of fresh Valencia Orange juice to really bring out the orange characters.

The orange citrus is unmistakeable throughout, with bold citrus orange aromas expanding into the palate before finishing with a medium bitterness.

AppearanceBright, deep orange.

AromaBold hops and citrus orange.

FlavourCitrusy, with medium bitterness.

Rare Breed Hogs Head Imperial Stout

A rich Imperial Stout with smoked cherries and aged in rum barrels.

11.5% ABV 22 TIBU

Rare Breed Hogs Head Imperial Stout

Smooth but bold is this Imperial Stout.

A complex malt bill combines with the molasses from the rum barrels and sweet dark cherries (smoked with cherry wood by our mates at Le Bon Ton) to create this rich and full-bodied Imperial Stout.

The smoke is subtle, allowing the malt flavours to retain prominence.

Best served at room temperature and with mates.

AppearanceDark black.

AromaChocolate malt with a subtle smokiness.

FlavourRich malts complemented by warming sweetness from the rum barrels and smoked cherry.

Rare Breed Botanical IPA

A hop-foward and citrusy IPA with a botanical twist, inspired by our Hopped Gin.

6.8% ABV 44 TIBU

Rare Breed Botanical IPA

We had so much fun experimenting with botanicals to create our Hopped Gin that we couldn’t resist using them in our newest brew.

The prevalent character is citrus, which hits from all angles thanks to the addition of yuzu. It’s like a breakfast juice with a splash of gin marmalade.

The botanicals were carefully selected to complement a big, hoppy IPA resulting in mouthfuls of piney, citrusy goodness.

AppearanceGolden burnt tangerine.

AromaLots of citrus with pine and floral notes.

FlavourZesty, pithy, juicy citrus, bold pine, and subtle floral characters with a bitter, dry finish.

Rare Breed Strata Triple IPA

Single-hop Strata Triple IPA, bursting with passionfruit characters and hop dankness.

9.5% ABV 60 TIBU

Rare Breed Strata Triple IPA

Strata is one of the newest hops on the block and is already set to be a future legend.

Developed for huge passionfruit aromas, Strata also lends a hit of dankness, ideal for a Triple IPA.

Dry-hopped with 17g/L of Strata, there is no disguising the hop characters, with passionfruit dominant on the nose and lingering on the palate.

AppearanceBright, deep orange.

AromaDominant passionfruit with subtle papaya.

FlavourLingering passionfruit from the hops, medium bitterness.

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