Berliner Weisse

Light-bodied and dry, with a refreshingly tart finish.

6.5% ABV 5 TIBU

Berliner Weisse

Our first Rare Breed of 2020 is a Berliner Weisse with a tropical twist.

Brewed with pineapple juice and coconut, this beer underwent a two-part fermentation: first with a home-grown lactobacillus culture, followed by a standard ale yeast. The result is a light bodied, full flavoured beer with a refreshingly tart finish.

AppearanceStraw gold with mild haze and a dense white head.

AromaAssertive but pleasantly coconutty, with slight pineapple characters.

FlavourLight bodied with very low bitterness, and refreshing sourness. Pineapple flavours come through on mid-palate, leading to a clean finish.

Rare Breed Blended Porter

Rich, full-bodied, and brimming with chocolate and rum notes.

9.0% ABV 34 TIBU

Rare Breed Blended Porter

Brewed for cold winter’s night, our second Rare Breed of 2020 is a Barrel Aged Blended Porter.

This beer combines six specialty malts to deliver a deep, rich flavour, perfect for barrel ageing. We kept a quarter of the brew in stainless steel and put the rest into rum barrels for secondary fermentation. The barrels are from from Beenleigh Rum Distillery, the oldest registered distillery in Australia, commencing operations in 1884.

Three of our brewers, Alana, Kenny, and Naz, spent days painstakingly assessing each barrel to decide which ones, and how much from each, would make it into the final blend. The result of their dedication is a deceptively smooth 9.0% porter with pleasant rum characters throughout.

AppearancePolished mahogany with garnet highlights.

AromaRich dark malts, with a balanced spirit character from the judicious blending of barrel matured beer.

FlavourFull-bodied palate of chocolate and rum, with a moderate coffee-like bitterness.

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