Grapefruit XPA

A zingy, hoppy XPA with unmistakeable grapefruit on every sip.

Grapefruit XPA

We just can't resist a twist of citrus in our beers.

Talus hops are known for big aromas of pink grapefruit, citrus peel, pine resin and tropical fruit, so it was the obvious choice for this brew.

We then added a touch of fresh Ruby Grapefruit juice to the brew to round out the grapefruit aromas and deliver a citrus zing.

The malt bill provides a light but solid base that balances out the sharpness of the citrus, creating an easy-drinking beer with low bitterness.

AppearanceLight golden/straw.

AromaGrapefruit, citrus, resinous pine and tropical fruits with a touch of sage.

FlavourZingy hop characters with low bitterness and notes of grapefruit juice throughout.

Mandarin Sour

Fresh and citrusy with a delicate sourness, Mandarin Sour was made for hot summer days.

3.8% ABV 5 TIBU

Mandarin Sour

For our first release of 2021 we’re starting on a sunny note.

We’ve always been big fans of citrus flavours and for this brew we sourced fresh Australian mandarin juice. We deliberately chose light malts to allow the juice to shine through and shine it certainly does!

Prominent mandarin aromas set the tone for a refreshingly sour beer that drinks clean and crisp.

It’s perfect for hot summer weather!

AppearanceLight golden/straw.

AromaClean, sour mandarin notes with a slight red apple ester from the Philly Sour yeast.

FlavourFresh and slightly sour, without being too drying.

XL Extra Lager

XL is a hop-forward refreshing lager, brewed with a bumper blend of Simcoe, Enigma and Centennial hops.

4.9% ABV 25 TIBU

XL Extra Lager

XL is a hop-forward and refreshing lager.

A bumper blend of Australian and US hops gives this beer its signature aroma of citrus and tropical fruit notes. Mild malt flavours come through on first sip with assertive hop bitterness on the mid-palate.

An extended cool-temperature fermentation with German lager yeast lends the XL a super clean finish.

AppearanceGolden goldy gold.

AromaNotes of orange and pineapple and a hint of freshly cut pine boughs.

FlavourModerate malt flavours, light bodied with assertive hop bitterness and a clean finish.

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