East Coast v West Coast. Old School v New School. Citra v Strata.

Hop rivalries are as much a part of the IPA scene as the beer itself. Craft beer was built on experimentation, sampling and breaking the rules, and we think it’s time to start mixing things up again.

The inspiration for this Rare Breed came from the world of Hip Hop. The evolution of craft beer has a lot in common with the evolution of Hip Hop: it’s always been great and it’s keeps on getting better.

Especially when the greats collaborate.

So for this Rare Breed Release we brewed not one beer but two.

Both beers are single-hop Triple IPAs. One is brewed with Citra, the other with Strata, and they are both deliciously bold and hoppy!

Citra is a hop icon, revolutionising the beer world with big citrus aromas.

As if 17g/L of hops wasn't enough, we also added a hefty dose of fresh Valencia Orange juice to really bring out the orange characters.

The orange citrus is unmistakeable throughout, with bold citrus orange aromas expanding into the palate before finishing with a medium bitterness.

Strata is one of the newest hops on the block and is already set to be a future legend.

Developed for huge passionfruit aromas, Strata also lends a hit of dankness, ideal for a Triple IPA.

Dry-hopped with 17g/L of Strata, there is no disguising the hop characters, with passionfruit dominant on the nose and lingering on the palate.

We reckon these are both solid hits on their own but this Rare Breed is all about the REMIX.

These beers were made to be enjoyed together.

The classic orange citrus flavours of CITRA (made even bolder by the addition of fresh Valencia Orange juice) come together with the passionfruit characters of STRATA for a big, dank flavour-bomb!

It's up to you to choose the blend.

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