Mountain Goat Spirits is the culmination of over twenty years of experience and innovation.

For us, it was only a matter of time before we made the leap into distilling and started creating great craft spirits.

It's been an exciting journey moving into the world of spirits, with a lot of time spent discussing what a Mountain Goat spirit would be.

With the arrival of Mabel — our 500L hybrid still — our quest for spirits perfection began.


We’re not shy about our love for big, hoppy beers, so it felt natural that our first release should use hops as a balanced part of the spirit.

This might be a brewer's gin, but it's one that's been made for everyone who enjoys great craft spirits.

In November 2020 Hopped Gin was awarded a Silver medal at the RASV Distilled Spirits Awards.

This is a versatile gin that be can served with a tonic on ice, and most citrus garnishes to complement the subtle resinous flavours of the juniper and Cascade Hops.

Inspired by the classic London-Dry style, our Hopped Gin is juniper-forward with strong resinous, citrus, and herbal notes.

At first sip there is a subtle heat from the native pepper berry, which leads into resinous, piney flavours from the juniper and hops. A rounded citrus and coriander profile presents itself on the mid-palate, adding a pleasant herbal warmth before the florals kick in for that unmistakeable finish.

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