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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Ale


When we first started our Barrel Breed program it was because of a curiosity around how oak could influence the flavour of a beer and three years on we are still curious.

We still like to switch things up with our Barley Wine and Imperial Stout, but it’s our Christmas Ale where we really get to experiment, changing the beer style each year.

For 2018 we’ve gone with a Wheatwine, an American wheat beer with a huge malt bill (we used a blend of Gladfield, Briess, Simpson and Best for this one) that was made for barrel ageing. We added the brew to a mix of fresh Rye and Tennessee whisky barrels and aged for a full 30 days in the Melbourne spring and the result is a deceptively smooth beer that belies its 11.1% ABV.

The barrels are evident in the smooth, rye whisky notes on the nose, leading to fruit sweetness on the front pallet and rounding off with an oak vanillin finish.

Liquid sunshine in a glass, this beer was made for an Australian summer so drink fresh and enjoy with friends and family this Christmas.


Tasting Notes.