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Get it on like Westy Kong!


It’s time to get it on like Westy Kong!

Our latest Rare Breed is an In-Breed brewed by our very own barrel wrangler, Westy.

Westy loves brown ales and he’s been waiting so long to get this one on the go he’s gone just a little bit nuts. Hazelnuts, to be precise.

Hazelnut meal was added to this classically silky brown ale and the result is a multi layered flavour hit of caramel, biscuit, delicate hazelnut, chocolate and coffee, rounded off with a moderately bitter finish.

Launching at the brewery on Friday 29th June, we’ll be hurling kegs and bottles out across Australia on Friday 6th July at the below venues:


NSW: Dove and Olive

QLD: Mr. Edward’s Alehouse & Kitchen

SA: Royal Oak Hotel

TAS: Republic Bar and Cafe

WA: Caboose


ABV: 6.4%

IBU: 35


Tasting notes.

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