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Bubble and Squeak: India Brown Ale

After a busy few months of limited releases, single keg releases, pilot batches, Rare Breeds and Barrel Breeds, we found ourselves with a number of odds and ends around the brewery.

But what to do with these hidden treasures?

We don’t like to see anything go to waste here at Goat and so began our long-standing tradition of Bubble and Squeak brews.

We’ve been doing these brews for as long as we can remember and sometimes it’s hard to pin down what style of beer we’re going to end up with.

But our brewers always rise to the challenge and this time we’ve taken a classic brown ale and give it a bit of oomph: Bubble and Squeak India Brown Ale.

The resinous, piney hop aroma form this beer leads into a hop-dominant flavour not too dissimilar to a Black IPA, belying its lustrous brown appearance.

Sometimes you just have to let the magic happen!

ABV:  5.8%

IBU:  50

Tasting notes