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Barrel Breed: Plum Sour Ale

Four Lark Distillery whisky barrels, an unreleased kettle soured beer and a fortuitous mistaken delivery of Tasmanian plums. What do these things have in common? Well, when you put them all together and give them a year to come to terms with each other, they result in a rather nice drop.

Our brewers are an inquisitive lot. Usually obsessed with IPAs, they were keen to give a sour beer a go and brewed a kettle sour in January 2016.The following month, a delivery of frozen Tasmanian plums, intended to go only 50km west of the farm, somehow found their way across Bass Strait and into our brewery. Not to let good fortune pass us by, we added 45kg to the beer and let it rest in some Lark whisky barrels for the next year.We affectionately gave this beer the working title of ‘Contraband’, as we hid the barrels away in a mate’s shed down the road so not to risk contaminating the North Street brewery.Painstakingly filtered, carbonated, and hand-bottled under quarantine from the rest of the brewery, each bottle is thoroughly hand-crafted and unique.



Purple haze.


Plum, oak, funk.


Refreshingly tart with slight residual sweetness from plums.

Other Ingredients

Plums, lactobacillus, pediococcus, brettanomyces. Aged for one year in Lark Distillery whisky barrels.







Pilsner and wheat malts, with a small amount of Gladfield Shepherds Delight.



Wakatu, Motueka, Cascade and Citra.

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In the News