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Barrel Breed: Barley Wine 2018


In 2015 our first ever barrel-aged Barleywine came out of the gate running, picking up the trophy for Champion Beer at the Australian International Beer Awards.

And then we lost the recipe.

In the years since we’ve sought to recreate that batch, resulting in some excellent beers but nothing quite like the original. So for our fourth year, we went back to the drawing board.

Our 2018 Barleywine was brewed with a blend of New Zealand specialty malts and all-Australian hops.

The wort weighed in at a hefty 24 degrees Plato, making this a job for super Yeast – Whitelabs San Diego Super Yeast, to be specific. This aggressive strain attenuated the fermenting beer to our desired range, resulting in a strong, balanced beer with a dry finish.

At the end of fermentation it was aged for two months in Tennessee whisky casks, lending it the vanilla and slight boozy notes characteristic of these rough-hewn American Oak barrels.

Although we started in a very different place, we reckon the resulting beer is as close to that award winning Barleywine as we’ve come.

But we’ll let you be the judge.


ABV: 11.1%

IBU: 60


Tasting Notes.