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Barrel Ageing and Blending

After a tropical start to the year with P.O.G. IPA and Rare Breed Berliner Weisse, we thought we’d keep the theme going with our winter Rare Breed too.

Well, kinda.

At this time of year, it’s all about rich, dark, full-bodied beers that come to mind, and nothing fits that description like this Barrel Aged Blended Porter.

Our brewers started with a deep, chocolately porter, brewed with six New Zealand malts to create rich malt aromas and flavours. We were tempted to keep the porter as it was, which meant we knew we had the perfect backbone for barrel ageing.

Rum-barrel ageing, to be exact!

We were lucky to get our hands on some rum barrels from Beenleigh Rum Distillery, the oldest registered distillery in Australia.

Alana, Kenny and Naz were the three brewers tasked with choosing which barrels would make the cut. They’ll tell you it was arduous and painstaking work, but we reckon that was just to stop us from feeling too jealous of their taste-testing!

Their dedication to the blend is apparent from first sip. This is a full-bodied and deceptively smooth porter, that belies its 9.0% ABV. Chocolate and rum notes are at the forefront, with a coffee-like bitterness running throughout, and balanced spirit characters on the nose from the judicious blending.

This release is available exclusively in 500ml cans, and are on their way to bottleshops across Australia now. Our Beer Finder will be updated from next week with our full list of stockists, and we’ve got a short list of early stockists here.

You can also pick up some cans at the brewery if you live locally in Melbourne.


Tasting Notes