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Barley Wine #5


We can’t believe it’s already been five years since our first foray into barrel ageing but here we are with Barrel Breed Barley Wine 2019.

Barrel Breed aficionados will remember that we lost the original recipe and after some very delicious alternatives along the way, it wasn’t until last year that we landed on a brew most similar to our first release.

You would think that we would stick with that recipe, especially given that we won a Gold AIBA medal for it, but that would be too easy…

For this year’s release we swapped out the Tennessee Whisky barrels for Rye Whisky barrels and blended the barrel aged brew with a second batch that we held in stainless steel tanks.

This special blend has resulted in luxurious spicy Rye Whisky aromas, full vanillin mouth feel and a smooth finish with delicate, lingering warmth.

Launched at the brewery on Friday 22nd March.


Tasting notes