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AIBA Results 2018


We were absolutely blown away by the results of this year’s Australian International Beer Awards and we’re not quite sure if it’s fully sank in yet.

Mountain Goat started off with the goal of making great tasting beer and over twenty years on that goal hasn’t changed.

We brew beers that we want to drink ourselves and to have those beers recognised by other brewers who we respect and admire is truly humbling.

The Australian craft beer scene since we started out and we are proud to be a part of an industry that celebrates creativity and champions one another to be the very best.

So once again we raise a glass to all the Australian breweries, big and small, who continue to support the Good Beer Movement!

Trophy – Champion Large Australian Brewery


Barrel Breed Barley Wine 2018 (draught)

Billy the Mid (draught)

North Street IPA (draught)

Rare Breed: Rye Fighter Double IPA (draught)

Summer Ale (draught)


Back to the Brewer Part 2 (draught)

Fancy Pants (draught)

Hightail Ale (packaged)

Pale Ale (draught)


North Street Saison (packaged)

Organic Steam Ale (draught)

Pale Ale (packaged)