We’ll send you info on events we hold like brewery open nights, beer appreciation sessions, film nights plus latest breaking Goat news like… the birth of new Mountain Goat beers, new outlets, Dave and Cam electrocuting themselves again, and so on.

So what’s the go with these open nights then?

Well, every Wednesday and Friday evening we open the doors of the brewery to the Goat Army and their friends, put all our beers on tap and fire up the pizza oven.

The nights kick off from 5pm here at the cnr of North and Clark Streets, Richmond. Entry is free.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a junior cadet in the Goat Army, sign up here!

Fusbal bar

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7 Responses to “Goat Army”

  1. Gypsy + The Goat Black Pepperberry IPA « girl+beer

    […] Stay up to date with what the Mountain Goat team are up by joining the Goat Army […]


    As past President of International Order of Rocky Mountain Goats IORMG we welcome you to our International Herd. You should import some of your beer to Colorado, USA so our goat members to savor in the high country at 9100 feet above sea level during our annual camp-out. Cheers.

    • Dave

      Love it!

      Will do our best.

      Your humble Goat servants….

  3. Alebuff

    The Randy is a real hit, nothing like a good smack in the face as you raise the glass….. Keep those hops working ! Nelson sauvin is surely the future, but have a look at Riwaka too….!


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