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The Beer

Steam Ale


The Steam is a crisp, certified organic ale. We incorporate a slap of wheat malt in the grist make-up and ferment it cool. We use Cascade and Citra hops to give it a fresh, zippy finish. Great as the weather warms up. 4.5% ABV, 22BU’s.

“Bright and refreshing…its aromatic citric fizzle is a pointer to American hop Citra which hums high above the beer’s Pilsner and wheat malts. An organic triumph.” Herald Sun.

“…has an appealing and subtle roll from a grassy first taste to a soft finish, with a hint of fresh bread thrown in.” Daily Telegraph

“…delivers a smooth and crisp finish with a zing of spritziness. It pours pale gold and imparts a tinned peach aroma… an authentic version of the Steam Ale style.” Beer and Brewer Magazine

Rated in Top 20 Australian Beers- The Australian Newspaper Nov 11.

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  1. michele Says:

    I had one, well two of these beers last night…very tasty ale. Just the right amount of sweetie before the finish. It’s going to be a “Steamy” summer!

  2. Allan Breakwell Says:

    Had a Steam Ale in a restaurant the other night…. very nice. Where abouts in Adelaide can I purchase this product. I live in the city.

  3. Phill Says:

    Seriously sensational, just a fantastic beer. Well done fellas.

  4. Margaret Christensen Says:

    Top beer it’s the best organic beer ever. If I could purchase on line I would buy it more often. Margaret

  5. Gav Rose Says:

    Best beer ever

  6. Ryan Says:

    I’ll be buying more of these (in Perth) – perfectly balanced. Hi hoof to you lot!

  7. Fidgey Says:

    what a cracker… the finest creations i’ve found this year…

  8. Steve Jeffery Says:

    Both beers are excellent and would be in my top ten brews of all time.Now that’s a hell of a compliment coming form an ex 20 year CAMRA member and a pom to boot.Keep up the excellent work and,for god’s sake don’t ever compromise on the superb quality of your ingredients.

  9. Joshua Says:

    Very tasty, get on it

  10. Rob Says:

    Take this to the world.. Great work!!

  11. Dave Says:

    Thanks Rob…
    We’ll do our best.

  12. Brennan Says:

    Only recently discovered Mountain Goat… Steam Ale is now my beer of choice. Lucky for me, I have just moved in around the corner from the brewery… See you there for beer and pizza

  13. nathan Says:

    They sell out so fast at my bottle O and the other 1 does, not keep it chilled nooooooo beer yummy beer.

  14. Dave Says:

    Ahhh. Ok!

  15. Peter Says:

    I love this ale, its the only think I drink and reminds me of the great ale back in blighty.

  16. Cal Says:

    Superb! Bought a carton! Def takes its place in my top five. Well done gents! Love supporting Aussies that make good beer and not commercial sellouts ! Keep it up

  17. Nick McBeath Says:

    Love this! Perfect refreshing brew. Far too easy to drink, especially when studying. Woops….

    Only thing i’d like to know is where can i buy it by the Carton?

    Seriously great job fellas!

  18. Dave Says:

    Hey Nick,
    Glad you like!
    You should be able to get a case of Steam Ale at most good beer outlets. Try your local IGA, or McCoppins…even uncle Dan Murphy usually has it…


  19. Richard Says:

    Wow just what I needed, beautiful drop, amazingly refreshing!!

  20. Dave Says:

    Thanks Richard.
    Glad you liked.

  21. david ward Says:

    HI guys,purchased a slab of steam ale 6 weeks ago,found it harsh,how long should i bottle age the remainder?its stored in a cool 12-14c area.
    Its a great drink.

  22. Dave Says:

    Hey David,
    Mmmm thats’ weird. You shouldn’t have to age it! Beer is best drunk as fresh as possible.
    We’d love to taste what you’ve got. Are you anywhere near Richmond?
    If you’re not happy we’ll gladly replace it for you…

  23. Steven Says:

    Hey Goats, I tried some of the mountain goat steam ale while spending some late nights watching the mountain stages in le tour. Never heard about it before so wasn’t expecting much but I got that completely wrong…. Wow, this could be the greatest beer ever brewed! Can’t wait to try the rest but at the moment can’t get enough of the steam!
    Cheers, keep brewing

  24. Dave Says:

    Thanks Steven,
    Stoked you like!

  25. Andrew Says:

    Hi Goats,
    Absolutely beautiful is all I can say.
    Beautiful aroma as soon as I popped the cap.
    One of the best beer I have ever tasted.
    It came highly recommended from one of the guys at Dan Murphy’s.
    Looking forward to trying your other Ales & one off batches.

  26. Dave Says:

    Thanks Andrew!

  27. David Pridham Says:

    I blond tast appraised this beer today. I unjoyed the beer and gave good marks for the beer. (Adelaide Club 30-Adelaide).
    I commented that I thought an American ale yeast hasd been used but it appeared subtle hopping was used rather than normally heavy (eg Fat Yak). Then I discovered it was a Steam beer which seemed contrary to my first tjpughts. (California common yeast style yeast) So I wonder if its the Citra and Galaxy throwing this american ale (eg Safale 05) taste or whether the yeast is an 05 type yeast and not a californian steam yeast per se. Good beer regardless after all that…thought head retention and carbonation could have been greater.Cheers for beers. Dave

  28. Dave Says:

    Hey David,
    Glad you liked the beer. We use American Ale yeast, and ferment it cool to achieve the flavour profile. Also a blend of Galaxy, Motueka, Wakatu and Citra hops – seasonably dependent.
    It’s out take on a traditional Steam Beer.

  29. katie Says:

    stumbled across this beer at an “open bar” now i can’t get enough! too good…doesn’t last long in this house!

  30. Dave Says:

    Thanks Katie,
    We’re glad to help!

  31. Kyle Says:

    Without a doubt my absolute favourite beer at the moment. Fantastic work, keep it up.

  32. Dave Says:

    Thanks Kyle!
    Happy New Year to you!!

  33. Nick Says:

    Hey guys, was really unsure on a organic beer. My wife has gone and done the all organic shop last few food shops and was sick of me whinging about taste etc so she decided to buy me one.
    Big fan, will buy many more . Taste was great and left wanting more. Can’t believe she didn’t buy me a carton!


  34. Dave Says:

    Hey Nick,
    We can’t believe she didn’t buy you a carton either!

    Glad you like!

  35. JAMES Says:

    Had two over dinner last night at a pizza joint and was very impressed. Best ale I have had in a while and will defiantly be buying a few cartons

  36. Dave Says:

    Thanks James,
    Stoked you liked it!

  37. Pete McGlashan Says:

    Perfect drop for the Sunny Coast weather up here in Qld, great ice-crisp cold with an amazing clean taste. Keep up the good work fella’s maybe I’ll get to visit the brewery in my travels. And for those in the know support ya local indie brewers. PEACE

  38. Dave Says:

    Hey Pete,
    Thanks for the support – we love your work.
    Glad you liked the beer.

  39. Michelle Says:

    Had one of these at Micky’s in Paddington Sydney – It was awesome. I normally only have one beer when I’m out but had two of these – they will be my new bbq beer this summer. Light, crisp, a little bit sweet and fruity but not too much and the taste just lingers on the tongue. Try one or two you won’t be disappointed.

  40. Dave Says:

    Hey thanks Michelle!
    Glad you liked it.

  41. Lachy Says:

    I had one of these yesterday at Trims on the Mornington Peninsula in McCrae, my partner tempted me to a second one.
    It has to be one of the best beers I have ever drank!
    Thanks guys!

  42. Dave Says:

    Thanks Lachy,
    Stoked you like!
    Come see us at the brewery in Richmond sometime!

  43. Sam Says:

    tried steam ale for the first time in kuala lumpur now my favorite beer.

  44. Dave Says:

    Thanks Sam!
    Stoked you like…

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