The Steam is a crisp, certified organic ale. We incorporate a slap of wheat malt in the grist make-up and ferment it cool. We use Cascade and Citra hops to give it a fresh, zippy finish. Great as the weather warms up. 4.5% ABV, 22BU’s.

“Bright and refreshing…its aromatic citric fizzle is a pointer to American hop Citra which hums high above the beer’s Pilsner and wheat malts. An organic triumph.” Herald Sun.

“…has an appealing and subtle roll from a grassy first taste to a soft finish, with a hint of fresh bread thrown in.” Daily Telegraph

“…delivers a smooth and crisp finish with a zing of spritziness. It pours pale gold and imparts a tinned peach aroma… an authentic version of the Steam Ale style.” Beer and Brewer Magazine

Rated in Top 20 Australian Beers- The Australian Newspaper Nov 11.

58 Responses to “Steam Ale”

  1. Chris

    Had a bottle of this during a business trip to Hong Kong. I ended up having one every night during my stay (7 nights)! Now in the process of finding some for my fridge! Great tasting beer, and something I plan to stock regularly.

    • Dave

      Thanks Chris!
      Stoked you like!

  2. Gav

    Had the steam ale and the hightail last night love it going back for more tonight

    • Dave

      Cheers Gav!

      Thanks for letting us now…


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