Rare Breed Goats come out pretty regularly but chop and change with the season and as we feel inspired. They are in a 640ml bottle format packed 12 in a carton. They are found mainly inner Melbourne but have been known to make it to specialty beer stores around the country.

These beers are generally higher in alcohol and bigger in flavour and aroma than our Steam and Hightail. Regular Rare Breeds include Double Hightail, Rye IPA and Surefoot Stout along with some rarer Rare Breeds like Rapuzel and Black IPA.

Stay tuned thru the Goat Army for info on new Rare Breed releases as they happen.

PS. There is now a guy who has the technology to deliver Rare Breeds to your door! He is Paul at the Micro Beer Club. Ph 1300 565321 plukins@microbeerclub.com.au