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Rare Breed Goats come out pretty regularly but chop and change with the season and as we feel inspired. They are in a 640ml bottle format packed 12 in a carton. They are found mainly inner Melbourne but have been known to make it to specialty beer stores around the country.

These beers are generally higher in alcohol and bigger in flavour and aroma than our Steam and Hightail. Regular Rare Breeds include Double Hightail, Rye IPA and Surefoot Stout along with some rarer Rare Breeds like Rapuzel and Black IPA.

Stay tuned thru the Goat Army for info on new Rare Breed releases as they happen.

PS. There is now a guy who has the technology to deliver Rare Breeds to your door! He is Paul at the Micro Beer Club. Ph 1300 565321

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  1. Matt Easton Says:

    I was recently in A. and I tried some of
    your glorius surefoot stout and wondered where i might purchase some to sell in my Poolhouse Bar in Dunedin NZ
    Regards Matt Easton

  2. Fred Keville Says:

    Folks I have just visited your website for the first
    time and I am amazed at the content and the clarity of the information provided.
    Your beer labels are stunning to say the least. One small question.
    Is it possible for you to forward me a set
    of your beautiful labels?
    If so my address is;
    Mr Fred Keville
    755 E. Virginia Way, Apt# 77
    Barstow, CA., 92311
    No matter what your decision I wish you continued success. Thanks

  3. Olivia Jongeling Says:

    Tried your Stout recently, on site, and was
    blown away by the smooth, rich taste. But it wasn’t only the awesome beer that made it such a great night! Your venue, the service, the atmosphere, the pizzas – rustic, unpretentious – the perfect
    way to unwind on a Friday night!

  4. Justin Stafford Says:

    I was a bit puzzled at first when this beer didn’t taste like many other brews. I love the full bodied flavour. yum

  5. Stuart Ho Says:

    I’ve enjoyed two Cross Breed Thorny Goats at the Archive Bar, West End, Brisbane.
    Fantastic beers; from the fruity aroma to the malty depth to the crisp bitter finish, there’s not too many better dark ales out there!

  6. Dave Says:

    Thanks Stuart – more dark ales to come!

  7. Eric Mayer Says:

    Just wondering if these “rare breed” brews are available at your bar? I know the Surefoot Stout is out, are bottles available there? And what’s on tap now?
    Thanks…hopefully I can make it to the bar next week!

  8. Dave Says:

    Yes, Draught Rare Breeds are available at the bar. At the moment we have IPA, Oaked Rapunzel, Oaky Porter, Surefoot Stout, Hightail & Steam Ale on tap. We only have Surefoot Rare Breed bottles available at the moment – there’s another in the pipeline though – can’t say anymore…
    Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get all the updates on what’s on each week…we keep that updated right up to the minute.
    Thanks for the mail,

  9. Phil Says:

    Just drinking a rare breed stout for the first time watching the AFL. Fantastic smooth and heady stout for the relatively low alcohol content. Definitely coming to the brewery when next in Melbourne ! Cheers !

  10. Dave Says:

    Thanks Phil!

    See you then.

  11. pete Says:

    Tasted your beers at the Beer festival at the rocks … the IPA is excellent, probably the best of the day . I hope to find this on draught in sydney somewhere …. delighted that more and more bars are serving yours and other similar styled beers so we do not have to choke down the swill served up by CUB. No crap on tap ….

  12. Dave Says:

    Us too Pete!
    Thanks for the stoke up.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Adam Says:

    Is there any chance of picking up cartons of these in the Adelaide region? Or do you know of any bottleshops stocking them?

    btw – have tried most of the rare breeds – the rye IPA and IPA are fantastic !..

  14. Adrian Says:

    Tracked down a coffee IPA in Canberra and loved it!! though didn’t really get a coffee taste from it, still it was a kick ass IPA, one of the best I’ve had.

  15. Dave Says:

    Hey Adam,
    Try our man in Adelaide: Tony Selover 0408 802 134.
    He’ll sort you out.
    Thanks for the mail…

  16. Kingy Says:

    I tell you, I have tasted some IPA’s, the states probably produce the best, but none have ever compared to your rare breed IPA. The best IPA I have ever tasted, bitter and sweet and leaves that long lasting tingle on the back of your tongue.

    Don’t stop making it please.

  17. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the stoke up Kingy.
    We have no intention of stopping…


  18. Shawn Says:

    To the Goatsmiths…

    The other night i fell in love with a tall, dark and rich beauty.
    The fact that she was sure footed was a bonus because after one taste i definately was not.
    i am disappointed to learn she is only travelling through and will not be taking up residence in my local cellar, but hey, the best things never last.
    I Cant wait for my next encounter with your surefoot-Stout.
    Simply superb!

  19. Dave Says:

    We’re blushing!
    Thanks Shawn.

  20. Dave T Says:

    Yo Goats…..the Rare Breed line is my favorite collection of mouth shagging delights available anywhere… have my sincere thanks and please release the Black IPA again soon……it tastes like an angels tears served in a velvet cup held by Jessica Biel…….totally.

  21. Dave Says:

    Don’t tell anyone Dave, but there’s a Black IPA on its way soon…

    Thanks for the stoke up.


  22. Magnus Says:


    I just bought a couple of bottles (rare breed) to enjoy in my new house in Sweden this weekend. Yes, it is Sweden (close to Malmö) and there’s been a real hype of this Australian beer that actually put up a good fight with ales from US and Denmark.
    I’ll come back after I’ve enjoyed it in front of an open fire in a cold autum Sweden…
    Systembolaget is one of the biggest single buyes in the world due to the monopoly they have in Sweden, good luck with a permanent agreement.


  23. John Says:

    I received a 640ml bottle of your Black IPA for Xmas and just got around to drinking it last night. It was magnificent. Any plans to produce it again?

  24. Dave Says:

    For sure…
    When the mood takes us! Got so many other beers to make…
    Glad you liked it,

  25. Nath Eltis Says:

    Received 3 different Rare Breeds for my birthday last week. (Purchased from the Albion Hotel, Newcastle. I had to ask the person who gave me these as a present!) Anyway, opened the Black IPA last night and was blown away by the flavour and overall quality of this brew. I can’t wait to taste the two other Rare Breeds still in the fridge! Keep up the great work

  26. Dave Says:

    Thanks Nath,
    Glad you liked!
    And happy birthday…

  27. MICHAELA Says:

    The Rye IPA is just devine! I have never had rye beer before and will look out for it. Always love the surprise of the rare breeds – great fun and fabulous labels!

  28. Dave Says:

    Thanks Michaela!
    So glad you like.
    Happy new year to you and yours.

  29. Richard Says:

    Do you have any plans to bring Surefoot Stout out again? It’s winter and I need me some stout!

  30. Dave Says:

    It’s out and about on tap right now!.
    Where do you live? We’ll point you in the right direction…

  31. Richard Says:

    I’m happy because I get to have your stout but at the same time I’m disappointed that it has been out and about on tap and I’ve not been partaking…

    I live in Rowville, if you could point me in the right direction that’d be great! I also work in the CBD and am definitely not above filling up on stout before I head home.

    I suspect I know the answer (, but is there any way I can get a keg of it?

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