Beer is a beautiful thing, allowing us to find inspiration in many places. These beers are brewed and hand-bottled at the brewery in Richmond and available in limited amounts.

Rare Breeds come out regularly but in limited amounts, with inspiration taken from the seasons, new hops to play with or just something the brewers have been perfecting at home. These are beers for the new-to-craft drinker and the beer enthusiasts alike.

Barrel Breeds are the result of our fascination with barrels and the influence oak has on beer (and wine and whisky for that matter). Carefully nurtured, selected, blended, hand bottled and hand sealed, these releases are, by nature, extremely small in amount but large in flavour and distinction.

Cross Breeds are the beers we craft with like-minded people who, in one way or another, have inspired us with an innovative approach to beer. We’ve brewed Cross Breeds with other breweries such as Mikkeller (Denmark), Thornbridge Brewery (UK) and Brooklyn Brewery (USA), through to mates passionate about handcrafted quality such as Seven Seeds coffee roasters here in Melbourne.

In-Breeds is the brewing expression of one of our Goats, who we let off the leash in the brewery. They lead the way and we bottle a beer that we are all proud to put their name against.

You may see other speciality beers from us from time to time. These could be collaborations with your local or something the brewers were keen to give a crack – these happen randomly throughout the year and end up on taps throughout Australia.