What’s on tap at Goat Bar right now?

Wed 22nd & 24th August, 2012.

Firstly, What’s In Randy…?

Randy (short for Randall Handle) is a device used to infuse hops (or sometimes fruit, spice and other things nice) into beer just before it’s poured into your glass. It’s about as late a flavour addition as you can get. Tonight we’ve got:

The Naz – Mocha Porter with Cocoa Nibs 5.2%abv 30BU

*New beer*

Named after Brewer Shane, its discoverer. The origin of Shane’s nickname (Naz) is a long and complicated story involving religion and politics, which really has no bearing on the beer itself so we won’t mention it here.

The Naz is a Classic English Style Porter infused with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and whole coffee beans.

It’s yummy. Just ask Naz.

Hip Hip Hooray IPA 7.4% abv, 75BU

A birthday beer brewed especially for Sammy, our super-awesome Bar Manager. It’s a big IPA chock full of hops. Cascade, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin & Amarillo to be precise.

Some might call it a hop bomb, but we’re not familiar with that term.

Just in case there’s not enough hops in this one, we’ve decided to Randy it with more. NZ Motueka to be precise.

Warning: Contains Hops!

Seedy Goat Coffee IPA 6.2% abv, 55 BU

This is a pre-release of our next Cross Breed: the 2012 Seedy Goat. It’s a collaboration brew with our mates at Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters. They brought the coffee, we brought the beer. Seedy Goat’s a new-world IPA full of Cascade & Galaxy Hops, melded together with lightly roasted whole coffee beans. Overall it’s fruity and bitter with an unmistakable coffee character.

Contains love, respect and caffeine.

Surefoot Stout: 5.0% abv, 25 IBUs

An English-style sweet stout. A combination of three specialty malts plus a touch of flaked barley produce soft burnt-malt flavours, judiciously bittered with English Goldings hops to balance out the sweetness.

as well as Steam AleHightail Ale

The bar is open each Wed and Fri evening from 5pm. Love to see you…

27 Responses to “One-off Batches”

  1. Horner

    Just before I left for my six week Asian Adventure, I had a few pints of the Hightail aged in Chardonnay barrels. I had a beer geek moment AKA “went off in the holster”. The whole time I was away all I dreamed about was that beer.

    I am new to aged/sour beers so I would like to know what I was drinking, was the sourness from any bugs or was it just tannins from the barrel.

    Please tell me you are going to knock up another one of these.

    • Dave

      Hey Horner,
      Glad you liked! We’re pretty new to the barrel stuff as well, but yes, we’ll be doing more.

      The sourness does come from the bugs, but the oak helps as well – everyone of them is different!


  2. Chris

    I have gone beyond serious withdrawal symptoms from the lack of Fancy Pants Ale.
    I cannot tell you how I forlornly wander along every beer aisle in all the local shops, both large and small, hoping to spy that gorgeous orange label. Alas, it has been so long since I have seen one that I may become a raving looney when I spy one and committed to an institution before I get to taste it again!!!
    When will it be back???

    • Dave

      Bear with us my friend!
      It’ll be here before you know it. But maybe in different clothes…
      No more hints, but yes, it’s coming back!



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