Barrel Breed Imperial Stout

Introducing our second release of an Imperial Stout in our Barrel Breed program. Once again using Lark Distillery barrels, this is a traditional English-style Imperial Stout with a whisky twist. Think dark chocolate and whisky merrily together in your mouth. It’s an extremely full-bodied, rich beer, high in alcohol. We think it best when poured into a glass and shared.…

Goat Pop In

  Mountain Goat has been brewing craft beers in Richmond since 1997, but it’s been a very long time since we’ve opened our doors to the public on a weekend. On Saturday 30 July we are doing just that, joined by our mates at Exit Brewing, BrewCult and Fury & Son to create one heck of a beer line-up.…

Captain Amylase Rum Porter

Malt, hops, yeast and water. That’s all our brewers need to make great beer. Well, that’s what they have us think… Our latest Rare Breed is dedicated to the unsung hero of the brewing process: amylase, or Captain Amylase, as we like to call him. Amylase is an enzyme that naturally occurs in the malt, breaking down the carbohydrates into sugar, which feeds the yeast and kick starts fermentation.…

2016 Barley Wine

The Goat brewers have been playing around with oak barrels for a few years – we are fascinated by the influence oak can have on beer, or whisky and wine for that matter. In 2015 we brewed our first barley wine in old whisky barrels from Lark Distillery in Tasmania and were pretty chuffed with results, especially when it won Best in Show at the Australian International Beer Awards.…

Good Beer Week 2016

Join Mountain Goat at events all over Melbourne, including the sixth Abbey Collaby release at our place. Find out where you can get your Goat on and why Good Beer Week is bigger than Christmas…

The Zymurgist IPA

A zymurgist is scientist who studies the chemical process of fermentation in brewing and distilling, so by extension, the term also refers to a brewer.

Japanese Cowboy

On our 18th year in existence Goat Beer was acquired by Japanese brewer, Asahi. Nothing much has changed around here, but our brewers have tipped their hats to Asahi’s heritage with this limited release Rare Breed.

Alana Banana

Alana Banana is a refreshing, crisp wheat beer, with unique, subtle banana & clove aroma and flavour. It’s a one-off In-Breed, brewed in Richmond by our forkie and assistant brewer, Alana. She may or may not be German, but she definitely brewed this beer and it definitely has banana characters.

Christmas Ale

This is Barrel Breed #3, our Christmas Ale. The beer style is a Belgian Quadrupel. It’s a big, subtly sweet, spicy brew that will sit perfectly alongside your plum pudding on Christmas Day. It’s a rich beer, high in alcohol (10% abv). It will age until next Christmas if you wanted to cellar it. But there’s no reason to not drink it this year either!

The Naz

Our brewer Naz has just made a special beer and we’ve put it in a bottle. When one of our own comes up with a compelling beer idea we release it as an In Breed in 640ml longnecks. In the style of a Scotch Ale, it’s malt driven, deep copper in colour with a distinct nuttiness on the finish.…