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  1. Stu Boydell Says:

    I’m trying to organize a pissup (yes, in a brewery, yes, its a test but as most of us are driving I’m not really sure what the point is)with a few mates, 6 of us all up. Can we make a booking for Wed Sept 21st for the tour and pizza?
    Cheers, Stu

  2. Dave Says:

    Hey Stu,
    Pissup’s not the word we usually like to use, but I’m sure we can sort you & your mates out on the 21st…
    See you then.

  3. Roger Protz Says:

    I would like to include Rare Breed IPA in a forthcoming book, 300 More Beers To Try Before You Die. Could you confirm the varieties of malts and hops you use in the beer, the IBUs and anything special about the way it’s brewed — is it matured for a lengthy period?
    Many thanks,
    Roger Protz
    PS The website mentioned above is shortly to be replaced by a new site,

  4. Dave Says:

    Hey Roger,
    Thanks for including us! Here goes: We use Australian ale malt, two types of British crystal malts and a touch of wheat malt in the grist. We hop it with Tasmanian Galaxy and US Cascade hops – then late in fermentation we dry hop it with more Galaxy and Cascade to give it a big, fruity aroma and flavour.
    It comes in at 6.2% abv, 50BUs with a clear, coppery appearance.
    One for the dedicated hopheads…

  5. David Rea Says:

    Hi, just wondering if we can book on a Friday night??

  6. Dave Says:

    Hey David,
    We can’t take bookings on Fridays I’m sorry – do you have a date and number of people in mind?
    We can’t do bookings, but we can be ready for you…

  7. Aaron Says:

    I live in the states and do not have access to your beer. I am a home brewer and would like to give your IPA a run. I have read many great reviews and as summer is around the corner I was hoping you might share the all grain recipe so that my fiends and I might try it.

    USA Brewer

  8. Robert Gunn Says:

    Please provide email address and contact name we wish to send you info about major Craft Beer festival in Sydney.


    Robert Gunn

  9. Dave Says:

    Hey Robert,
    Contact Mark Waghorne –

  10. Warren Brainard Says:

    Guys, just spending some time in Brooklyn NY and had the chance to drink some Ridgy-Didge from Brooklyn Brewery. Its fantastic! OZ Goaters should look up the history to understand your involvement with the making of this beer. Any chance that we will see something like it in OZ?

    Don’t ever let the Good get the Better of the Best.


  11. Dave Says:

    Nice Warren,
    We got our hands on a few Ridgy Didges. Went down pretty smooth for us over here as well!
    Might still find some out and about at good pubs around Melbourne.