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If you have any trade enquiries, please use the contacts below.


Paramount (on premise) 03 9311-6655
(on premise) 03 8368-6366
(off premise) 03 8368-6331
HLW 1300 658856
Southern Independent Liquor
03 9238-9799
Festival City Liquor 03 9369-5904
Raw Wine and Beer – Michael Gow 0412 100 801

Kegs – Brewery direct 03 9428 1180


Tom Delmont 0432 826840

Will Hornidge 0432 128749

Luke Tremewen 0478 012659 (chain stores)

Simon Frake 0478 739740 (Geelong & Country Goat)

New South Wales

ALM ph 9741-7222
ILG ph 9675-8400
Goulburn Wine & Spirits ph 9264-8459


Ed Clarke 0422 299740

Luke Dowling 0401 163960

Seonaid Arthur 0434 631690


Rep: Brent McKay 0416 939 000

ALM ph 6239-4290

South Australia

Tony Selover 0408 802 134


Rep: Anna Webb 0449 643 215

Lock Stock & Barrel

Lach McLean 0419 714612

Western Australia

Rep: Oliver Sustek 0478 155185

Liquid Mix ph 08 9434-8555


Polkadot Liquor – Adrian Charlesworth aka Charlie ph 0448 237935


New Zealand

Hancocks : + 64 9 361 8400


Rogue Merchants SG : + 65 9007 2264

Hong Kong

Nine Bellies : + 852 9828 2337


MyBeer (M) Sdn Bhd: +60 12 208 0795




Mountain Goat Brewery
80 North Street, Richmond,VIC 3121 Australia

Telephone: 03 9428 1180

National Sales Manager:

Mark Waghorne 0412 920986



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  1. yurij Says:

    Good day I am a collector beer paraphernalia.
    Collect everything related to beer (glasses, beer caps and labels on bottles stand). In December, our city would like to open the exhibition beer paraphernalia that people know what and where is the beer that you would like sent to show something with your logo with respect Jury
    Yurij Andrejev

  2. Cheryle Says:

    Hi there!
    How can I get some of your beers in the USA?

  3. Dave Says:

    It’s coming Cheryle!
    The BevMo chain is stocking it in California from next week. Thats’ the best we can do for now…
    Hope you can track some down.

  4. Brad Says:

    Where? We’ve heard of the Goat, now we must partake. I am located in Louisiana. Is there any way for me to directly order from MGB without going through the riggamaroll?


  5. Dave Says:

    We can’t get it to you direct from here Brad. Your best bet will be to contact BevMo.
    Our charge into the US is only just beginning!
    Stay tuned for more states…

  6. David Says:

    Do you guys sell in Japan yet?

  7. Dave Says:

    Not at the moment.
    We’d love to tho’

    Thanks for the mail,

  8. Karl Wilson Says:

    Hi guys,
    I visited melbourne in may this year and spent a day on a “mission from god” for my mates birthday (talk about planes, trains and automobiles) to find our favourite aussie beer mountain goat steam ale, we were treated to a quick tour and as a craft brewer myself I was amazed at your bottling machine and keg washer as i have to do those tasks all by hand, one by one….so thank you Sam for the tour and and the inspiration as he informed me that `goat` had started out in a bathtub!? (I am brewing 500 litre batches at the moment but hope for a bigger mash tun etc) Luckily for us we found a pub across the street that had steam on tap and so there we stayed and were quenched and rejoiced! But alas as holidays goes just like birthdays they are over far to quickly so I returned to the land of the long white cloud happy in the fact that there were brewers not to far away that that understood the balance of hops and malt (unlike it seems a few of the kiwi brewers) but to my dismay the only mountain goat I can find over here is in my crosshairs!
    So I am wondering if you would be able to point me in the general direction of an importer of your fine ale to new zealand? Please.

    Many kind regards and many thanks for your excellent brew


  9. Dave Says:

    Hey Karl,
    Thankyou for the stoke-up – we can feel the love from across the ditch!
    There is some limited Goat in NZ, mainly in Auckland. Your best bet is to get in touch with Craig Bowen at He should be able to point you in the right direction.
    Thanks again, and when you’re next in Oz come by again, we’d love to buy you a beer.

  10. NICK Says:

    Hello, I am a specialty retailer in Northern California and I would like to sell your beer. Do you have a distributor in Northern California? I have seen your beer at Bevmo and I would like to sell it as well.


  11. Jay Says:

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Jay and am an Australian who lives in Copenhagen and have opened up Copenhagen’s newest beer bar called Fermentoren.

    We are planning on doing something for Australia Day and would like to know if you can supply a few kegs for the day.

    We would be looking for key kegs what are disposable and maybe a stout and a pale ale and something aggressively hopped big IPA but anything which may last the travel and represent you guys would be great.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    kind regards


  12. Simon Says:


    Is there any distributors for me to stock your bottled beer in Singapore?




    I am running a bar here in Geneva (switzerland). By any chance would it be possible to be delivered ? Best regards, Laurent

  14. Bill Says:

    Hi, I see you have a Singapore distributor – any hope for Hong Kong? All the best, Bill

  15. Dave Says:

    Hey Berney,
    We’d love our beer to travel to Geneva – but we’re not ready just yet!
    Stay tuned,

  16. Dave Says:

    Yeah Simon,
    Check out Yann at Rogue Merchants…

  17. Dave Says:

    Hey Jay,
    We’d love to be involved but won’t be in a position to this year.
    However we are participating in the Copenhagen Beer Celebration next May tho!
    Maybe see you there…?

  18. Dave Says:

    Hey Nick,
    We go thru Specialty Cellars, Hermosa Beach, California…

  19. Dave Says:

    Our Singapore guys bring the beer to Hong Kong!
    Check out

  20. Brian Says:

    Tasted your great product in So Cal US. Now I am in NSW and it seems more difficult to find. Where can I find this tasty IPA that made me uproot and move to the land of OZ(mountain goat brew) ? Need a NSW-Sydney distributor or I am going to leave gods country.

  21. Dave Says:

    Hey Brian,
    Speak to our NSW guys: Ed on 0422 299 740, or Luke on 0401 163 960. They’ll sort you out.

  22. Poppi Says:

    Dave, I would like to discuss importing Goat Beer to Brazil. Who would be the responsible for that? Cheers!

  23. Dave Says:

    Send us an email – – and we’ll see.
    Never been to Brazil.

  24. Regina Says:

    Hi Dave, what about Germany – any chance to find Mountain Goat here in Germany? unfortunately we could only take 2 bottles home in our backpacks…Thanks! Regina

  25. Dave Says:

    Hey Regina,
    Sorry, not sending beer to Germany. You’ll have to come back soon!

  26. Geno Says:


    I was recently visiting and loved your beer! Any chance you have a distributor in Colorado in the US?


  27. Dave Says:

    Hey Geno,
    Sorry, not yet. Glad you liked our beer.

    But who knows…? Maybe one day.


  28. Andrew Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I used to work next to the bar when I was in Richmond, and I am wondering is there any way I can buy some of your delicious beverages here in the US. Particularly in Texas

  29. Dave Says:

    Hey Andrew,
    Sorry – no beer in Texas…yet. We certainly hope to one day tho’.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  30. Rhiannon Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to track down some of your beers in the UK. I used to drink a lot of the steam ale when I lived in Melbourne and just cant find it over here!
    Is there anyone currently importing for you to the UK? Or anyway I can buy a case online from you and have it delivered?


  31. Dave Says:

    Hey Rhiannon,
    Sorry, but we don’t send beer to the Uk right now. And it costs hundreds of dollars to send a case of beer to the UK! No fair I know, but the way it is…
    You need to come back to Melbourne! If you do we’ll buy you your first pint!

  32. Luca Says:

    Hi Goat!
    How can I get some of your beers in the Europe (Italy)?

  33. Dave Says:

    I’m sorry Luca,
    But for the time being, you can’t. We don’t sell our beer anywhere in Italy, or Europe.
    You’ll have to come to Australia!

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