Bigfoot Double Stout 2017

Over the past 20 years we’ve brewed almost every style of beer possible and our brewers are always itching to get started on the next new one.

But this winter, we’ve been feeling a little nostalgic and so we’ve resurrected the Bigfoot Double Stout.

For many years Bigfoot was our go-to winter brew but the last time we brewed it was back in 2013, so it’s fair to say this is a long overdue comeback.

This years release has been brewed to the original recipe but we couldn’t resist giving it a little twist, dry hopping with Chinook and Simcoe.

The result is a silky smooth stout with a deep chocolate and coffee aroma, punctuated with citrus and pine from the dry hopping. Sweet malt and ester flavours linger on the front palate before leading into a finish that’s rich with roast malt cocoa notes and assertive hop bitterness.

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: 90

Tasting notes

Bubble and Squeak: India Brown Ale

After a busy few months of limited releases, single keg releases, pilot batches, Rare Breeds and Barrel Breeds, we found ourselves with a number of odds and ends around the brewery.

But what to do with these hidden treasures?

We don’t like to see anything go to waste here at Goat and so began our long-standing tradition of Bubble and Squeak brews.

We’ve been doing these brews for as long as we can remember and sometimes it’s hard to pin down what style of beer we’re going to end up with.

But our brewers always rise to the challenge and this time we’ve taken a classic brown ale and give it a bit of oomph: Bubble and Squeak India Brown Ale.

The resinous, piney hop aroma form this beer leads into a hop-dominant flavour not too dissimilar to a Black IPA, belying its lustrous brown appearance.

Sometimes you just have to let the magic happen!

ABV:  5.8%

IBU:  50

Tasting notes

In-Breed: Silence of the Rees Coconut Porter

When the cold weather starts to creep in, we brace ourselves for one of the noisiest times in the brewery: footy season.

Breweries aren’t known as places of peaceful serenity but when our Goats get talking about their teams it’s hard to get them to stop, particularly die-hard Tigers fan Alana.

This also means that like all loyal Tigers supporters, Alana is on the receiving end of some friendly ribbing from the other Goats.

So for her In-Breed, Alana has come up with a brew that is not only perfect for the chilly Melbourne winter but will also keep the other brewers distracted until the end of the season: Silence of the Rees Coconut Porter.

Like most Porters, we started with a big malt base but then added approximately 90kg of toasted coconut into each tank along with Madagascan Bourbon vanilla beans and rich cacao.

The toasted coconut is prominent throughout this beer; strong on the nose and complemented by creamy vanilla and cacao as well as some mild hops notes. The coconut flavour continues into the front palate, where chocolate and roast malts combine with jammy fruit esters to deliver a sweet finish.

And the Tigers? Well, it’s too early to say how far they’ll go this season but at least Alana has found a way to silence her fellow Goats…


ABV: 6.3%

IBU: 25

Tasting notes.