We need another brewer – maybe you?







We’re stoked to offer a unique brewing opportunity. We need an additional brewer to join our passionate team. We’re looking for someone with a minimum of 3 years experience in a craft brewery environment to assist us as we continue to ‘innovate and create’ at our Richmond Headquarters.

We’re after a brewer with a passion for beer, new flavours, a desire to experiment yet be able to maintain consistent quality.

Big Friday This Week!

It’s a big Friday this week (5th December) at Goat Bar. We’ve got some special guests coming in to show us, and you, their chops. First up, the guys from Meatmother in Richmond will be bringing along their Silver Creek Smoker – it’s quite a sight. They’ll be serving up Brisket Buns using their 12-hour oak smoked Wagyu brisket, together with Pulled Pork and Chipotle-Slaw buns.…

North St Pale Ale.

We’re debuting a special brew tonight, one that will only be available at our brewery bar. You know how the Belgian Trappist Monks make their own beer, just for themselves? Well, this is kind of like that, only we’re not that greedy, so we’ll share it with you guys too. But you’ll only find it in North St, Richmond.…

Winter is here….

…and that means oysters and stout. Friday 26th July from 6pm we’re gonna be freshly shucking oysters to order until they run out (which they will). There’ll also be lemon, pepper and salt. That’s it. Two kinds of oysters, three different stouts. Tastes just like a wave. Hope to see you, Goats.…

Good Beer Week – May 18-26th.

Australia’s biggest week in beer happens in Melbourne next month, and there’s a mountain (see what I did there?) of stuff to do. Now in its third year, Good Beer Week boasts 140 events over 9 nights – way too much beery fun. There’s beer/food degustations, sour beer tastings, cheese and beer matching nights, you name it.…

Fancy Pants – Out Now

For the first time in bottles (why did we wait so long?) our special Amber Ale is back. Way back in the early 1990’s the balance of malt, hops and esters all in one super-drinkable package was astounding to us. It showed us that beer wasn’t meant to be just yellow and bland, yet doesn’t have to beat you over the head at the same time. It could be dependable, yet fancy at the same time.

Rare Breed Update: Rapunzel.

Rapunzel may, strictly speaking, be a young German girl’s name, but we think it fits pretty nicely as a Strong Belgian Blonde as well. Brewed strong as Rapunzel’s golden locks but much tastier, this is our latest Rare Breed. A warming 8.3% abv, Rapunzel is full of Belgian yeast character – think vanilla and clove – yet dry and quaffable.…

IPA – The Rare Breed that could.

Those of you that loiter in bottleshops in your spare time will probably have noticed that our Rare Breed IPA is no longer a Rare Breed. She’s become an all-grown-up fully-fledged member of the permanent range. …And like the doting parents we are, we’re super proud of her. She still has the same big tropical hop aroma – we dry-hop using Galaxy (Tas), Citra (USA) and Motueka (NZ), and full malty body (Ale malt, Wheat and Crystal malts).…

Seedy Goat – Out Now

Last winter we collaborated with Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters to produce ‘Seedy Goat’ – a Coffee IPA. Well, it’s back for 2012, same same but different. This year the coffee we’ve chosen is the Nicaraguan Finca Jaime Molina Montecristo. You can call him Jaime (Hy-mee). Grower Jaime Molina has been a Cup of Excellence Winner three years in a row – he knows his way around a coffee bean.…

Queensland Beer Week

Whoa, only a week to go.

16 – 22nd July sees the inaugural Queensland Beer Week go live. From Brissie all the way to FNQ, it’ll be a week of beery goodness inspired by the growth in appreciation and diversity of craft beer across Australia.

Hooray for that.

And we’ll be there.

Wed 18th July we’re at the Story Bridge Hotel in the second Goat vs Moo brewery-off. There’ll be beers from Moo Brew and us, complimented by dishes from the pub’s great kitchen.