Barley Wine was our first foray into barrel aged beers way back in 2015 and we haven’t looked back since, continuing to expand our Barrel Breed programme each year.

For this year’s release we took inspiration from our previous releases but added a new element, using barrels from our good mates at Starward Whisky here in Melbourne.

The three months this beer spent in the barrels were some of the most tumultuous we’ve had in Melbourne, providing the ideal conditions for ageing. The combination of high temperatures and fresh whisky barrels has resulted in a beer that is full of barrel character.

Vanilla and candied orange complement the subtle whisky notes on the nose and the deep copper visual. With a sweet and boozy front palate and a medium-dry finish, the flavour is driven by malt sweetness and has a rich mouthfeel throughout.

To fully experience the complex flavour of this beer, we recommend that it is served at 12-14C for maximum enjoyment.


ABV: 12.0%

IBU: 65


Tasting notes.