You may have noticed some heavy metal riffs in a few of our Rare Breed videos. That was our Brewer Westy, and he was the perfect choice to head up our collaboration brew with Crowbar.

Trad and Tyla wanted a beer with a heavy metal twist and Barn Burner Black Saison doesn’t disappoint.

Belle Saison and Abbey yeast strains were specially selected to keep the beer light and impart notes of spice and orange peel.

We used a variety of dark malts, cold steeping them to give the beer a visually arresting hue of deep black, without compromising the traditional Saison flavours.

With Belgian esters and light, citrus spice on the nose Barn Burner belies its heavy image, delivering a thirst quenching dryness, rounded off with a delicate tinge of orange peel from the yeasts.

Barn Burner will be the karma keg for the Australian Road Crew Association at Crowbar’s Brewsvegas event, Metal Meets Mountain Goat, this Friday 17th March. From then you can get it here at the brewery and in a selection of great craft venues across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.


ABV: 6.66%

IBU: 25


Tasting notes.