Our brewer Alana has working on her home recipe for a blood orange IPA for a while and when we decided it was time to stump up and buy her a Braumeister she got straight to work on perfecting it.

We had a great time tasting all the trial brews but when we tried the current version, we knew we had to share it with everyone.

Deep golden in colour with a slight reddish tinge, this beer hits you with a bold, citrus aroma with dank hop notes. There are a lot of hops in this beer. A lot. This beer uses so much Citra and Mosaic we had to call in a few favours from our generous friends at Two Birds just to get enough to dry hop it.

The end result is a beer that is bursting with juicy flavour and aggressive hop bitterness that finishes on a slightly sweet note, thanks to the addition of the fresh blood orange juice that gives the beer it’s distinctive colour.

At 7.8% ABV and 80 IBU, we think it’s fair to say this is one bad motherf***er of a beer.


Release date: December 2016
Availability: At the brewery and all good craft beer stores nationally
Style: IPA


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