If you’ve ever been down to the brewery you may have noticed an unusual goat-figure standing proudly by the tanks.

That’s Alphonse.

Alphonse is constructed wholly from ex-brewery parts that have been collected over the years. In fact, some parts of Alphonse are even older than Mountain Goat as we know it, starting their journey over 20 years ago when Dave was homebrewing in his back garden.

Alphonse is the physical representation of our brewing history, and we decided it was time to give him a beer of his very own.

So here it is: The Alphonse India Amber Ale, an In-Breed release celebrating our very own brewing soul companion.

For this beer we’ve taken cues from our very first brew, Hightail Ale, and turned it into a bigger, maltier, hoppier version.

Deep amber in colour and standing at a robust 7.0% ABV, the spiced-citrus aroma paves the way for a full and bitter flavour that rounds off into a stoic, clean finish.

Just like Alphonse, this beer is big, balanced and eminently approachable. We’d like to think it’s what a stainless steel Mountain Goat might enjoy on its day off.

Release date: September 2016
Availability: At the brewery and all good craft beer stores
Style: India Amber Ale

Alphonse India Amber Ale Tasting Notes
The Alphonse Launch Clip