Introducing our second release of an Imperial Stout in our Barrel Breed program. Once again using Lark Distillery barrels, this is a traditional English-style Imperial Stout with a whisky twist. Think dark chocolate and whisky merrily together in your mouth.

It’s an extremely full-bodied, rich beer, high in alcohol. We think it best when poured into a glass and shared. Drink it alongside blue cheese or chocolate pudding with vanilla icecream. Maybe even try an affogato with Imperial Stout instead of coffee – who would have thought of that?!

Being high in alcohol this beer will age and improve potentially many years to come. Time will mellow the bitterness, bring the malt forward and create a gentle sherry-like character. Cellar it carefully, away from heat and light, or drink it now if you prefer.

Available in 750ml bottles, with a 9.0% ABV

Release date: July 2016
Availability: At the brewery and all good craft beer stores.
Style: Imperial Stout

Barrel Breed Imperial Stout 2016 Tasting Notes