Malt, hops, yeast and water. That’s all our brewers need to make great beer. Well, that’s what they have us think…

Our latest Rare Breed is dedicated to the unsung hero of the brewing process: amylase, or Captain Amylase, as we like to call him.

Amylase is an enzyme that naturally occurs in the malt, breaking down the carbohydrates into sugar, which feeds the yeast and kick starts fermentation.

We gave the Captain a big job, making his namesake a big, malty Porter, and added a splash of dark rum at the end for fun!

This is a classic American style Imperial Porter, dark and full bodied with a chocolaty aroma. The malt-rich flavour is complimented by the subtle sweetness from the rum and some molasses, and winds up with a gentle, lingering finish.

Captain Amylase was first brewed exclusively for The Great Australasian Beer Spectacular 2016 (GABS) and we were so pleased with the response we received we knew we had to share it with everyone.

Available in 640ml bottles, with a 7.7% ABV, Captain Amylase was made for sharing.

Release date: June 2016
Availability: At the brewery and all good craft beer stores.
Style: Imperial Porter

Captain Amylase Rum Porter Tasting Notes