In our 18th year of existence Mountain Goat was acquired by Japanese brewer, Asahi.  Nothing much has changed around here, but our brewers have tipped their hats to Asahi’s heritage with this limited release Rare Breed.

This Cowboy is one of our favourite styles to brew (US IPA), but it comes with a Japanese twist – Sorachi Ace hops give it a unique character of dill, lemon and citrus.

It’s a big, bitter (but balanced) IPA brewed at the Richmond brewery. It goes well with Tempura and pulled pork tacos. We hope you like it!

Release date:  15 November

Availability: On tap in the brewery. Released in 640ml Rare Breed bottles 5 January 2016.

Style:  IPA with a  twist

Japanese Cowboy IPA Tasting Notes