Alana may or may not be German, but she definitely brewed this beer and it definitely has banana characters. It’s our current keg-only In-breed and it’s a perfect warm weather beer.

This is a refreshing, crisp wheat beer, with unique, subtle banana & clove aroma and flavour. It’s a one-off In-Breed, brewed in Richmond by our forkie and assistant brewer, Alana.

If you’re just back from Oktoberfest in Munich, this will take you back. A yellow, fluffy white foam with classic banana and clove aromas. The banana/phenolic finish comes from the traditional German Wheat Beer yeast used for fermentation.

Great for drinking in a beer garden on a hot summer day. Pair it with traditional German dishes like slow cooked pork knuckle.

Release date: 9 December 2015

Availability: On tap at the brewery and some hand-picked taps around Melbourne and elsewhere.

Style: Hefeweizen (German style wheat beer)


Alana Banana Hefeweizen Tasting notes.