What a beautiful, deliciously Australian word is bogan.

Everyone has a little bogan in them, however in denial we may be. Our inner bogan may be well hidden, but it’s there. Know it.

Some of us are great at hiding it, others not so much. Some just don’t get a choice, like our own brewer John Bogan (real name) who lives it every single day.

Taking the Bogan out of John Bogan would be like taking the bogan out of Jimmy Barnes. Won’t happen. Ever.

It’s not our place to make judgements here, we’re not here to stand up for bogans, or pile crap on them. What we will do is stand up for The Bogan; a Dark Lager brewed by none other than our very own Bogan, John.

You see, John’s a Bogan, but not as we know it, and he’s produced (as part of our ‘In Breed’ series) a lager, but not as you may know it.

The Bogan is a Dark Munich Lager (or Munchner Dunkle), brewed with Pilsener malt, a big whack of Munich malt, some Kiwi Crystal malts, and Aussie Chocolate. It’s deep copper in colour, big with malt, mildly bitter and a sessionable 5.3% abv.

Just like John, it’s a Bogan, but not as we know it.

Available at our bar and other selected tap points around Melbourne.