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Fancy Pants

Meet Fancy Pants. Think Hightail Ale but souped up with more malt, plenty of Galaxy hops and ABV of 5.2%. Making its way to good beer stores around the country now and available thru winter months.

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  1. Srinath Says:

    Hi Dave and Cam, I visited first time last Friday (9 May 2014). I had Fancy Pants Amber Ale and King Brown Ale. Fantastic taste and fresh mouth watering flavor. I was born and brought up in a hill country in Sri Lanka where the best beers are produced because the natural taste of the water. I just had that feeling yesterday. Well done GOAT. Planning to bring some of my friend’s soon. By the way Mr. Dave and Mr. Cam if you can produce the nutrition chart chat in your bottle labeling will give a better understanding towards new healthy life style beer. Cheers.

  2. Patrick Holland Says:

    This is the best commercially available beer in Australia. Fantastic job, lads.

  3. Dave Says:

    Thanks Srinath!
    Glad you liked it…

  4. Dave Says:

    Thanks Patrick. Stoked you like it!
    Come visit us at the brewery…

  5. Katy K Says:

    Hi guys

    I tried the Fancy Pants at a local Kew pub last weekend and we were blown away…I didn’t know i could love a beer as much as Steam Ale ;)
    Where can i get my paws onto these bottles/cans? I live not far from the brewery.

  6. Chuck Says:

    What an amazing brew! An avid fan of Goat’s Hightail, IPA and Stout but only first tried Fancy Pants last weekend and I was blown away. A great combo of a malty amber ale with the pizazz of a decent dose of galaxy hops. Please don’t stop brewing this one, guys, I’m in love.

  7. Jouni Says:

    I more or less randomly picked up a four-pack of Mountain Goat Fancy Pants from a Canberra specialist a couple of weeks ago. More randomly, because I had never hear of Mountain Goat beers earlier. Less randomly, because amber ales are usually my favourites. This brew did not disappoint me. I must say that I agree with Patrick’s comment above: “This is the best commercially available beer in Australia”. An additional bonus is that this beer is packed in 375ml cans. Actually I don’t care whether it’s a bottle or can, but I hate those small 300 – 330 ml bottles, which are far too common nowadays! Anyway, I wish I wouldn’t need to drive 2 x 20 kilometres to buy some more.

  8. Dave Says:

    Thanks Jouni!
    So glad you liked it!

    More to come with this one…

  9. Dave Says:

    Hey Katy,
    Try McCoppins on Victoria St, Abbotsford, or Blackhearts & Sparrows.
    Or come get it from us at 80 North St, Richmond!

  10. Dave Says:

    Thanks Chuck,
    Glad you liked it.
    There’ll be more, but we will stop brewing it when we make way for our Summer Ale in Sept.
    Hope you like that one as well!

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