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Summer Ale

This week we’re stoked to announce the birth of a new Goat: Summer Ale. This one’s come about after a couple of summers playing around with aromatic, hoppy and sessionable ales like Skipping Girl and Goldilocks. There’s plenty of malted and unmalted wheat in the grist make up, and a big burst of fruity Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops on the nose. For the tech-heads the numbers are: 20BU, 7EBC, 4.7%ABV. We’re also pretty pumped to have packed it in a 375 ml can, for all your outdoor summer thirst quenching requirements. For a sneak peak drop into the brewery from 5 on Fri 13 Sep. It’ll be out and about thru good stores next week. Please let us know what you think!


Summer Ale Can_Spritzed

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  1. Matt Says:

    Any details on where to buy the cans in Melb when they come out?

  2. Dave Says:

    Hey Matt,
    The usual good beer stores initially: McCoppins Abbotsford and Fitzroy, Blackhearts and Sparrows, Slow Beer, Purvis Beer, then in a couple of weeks to Dan Murphy’s and First Choice…
    Hope you like!

  3. Rollo Says:

    What about Sydney? Any idea where and when it will be available?

  4. Tim Says:

    Love all your beers boys!! Can’t wait too have Afew of these on our warm summer nights. Will be interesting drinking mountain goat from a can!!

  5. Dave Says:

    Hey Rollo,
    The usual, good beery stores from end of this week should start getting it.
    Then in Dan’s, First Choice a week or so later.
    Hope you like,

  6. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the stoke up Tim!

  7. mark Says:

    Has arrived in Launceston at the Pizza Pub, on the chill as we speak..

  8. Aaron Says:

    Fantastic to see quality craft beer available in a can.
    Bottles are good, but beer lasts longer, easier to pack when out & about and flavour is better from a can.
    Thank you!!

  9. Dave Says:

    It’s our pleasure aaron.
    Glad you like.

  10. Luke Says:

    Available at low buy liquor Lilydale Victoria

  11. Dave Says:

    Thanks Luke!

  12. James Says:

    I had a can of this in Perth. Where do I get more?

  13. Dave Says:

    Hey James,
    Where in Perth are you? We’ll point you in the right direction…

  14. Murf Says:

    This is officially my new favourite beer, I was planing on getting fit this summer but I’ve just brought my 3rd carton in 3 weeks……… It’s going to be a long planing process

  15. Dave Says:

    Thanks Murf!
    You can do both this year…

  16. Tahn Says:

    Hi! Just wondering where I can purchase this?
    Went into Dan Murphy’s Chelsea Heights last night and they are out of stock and couldn’t tell me if they would be getting more – also tried to order online at DM’s and looks like they are out too!
    Cheers Mountain Goat!

  17. Dave Says:

    Hey Than,
    Down that way try Grain & Grape 14-16 Station St Moorabbin. Dan’s should be getting more at some point tho!

  18. Steve Says:

    Hey MG team, I tried this on tap in a pub in and loved it!

    Can’t find it in any Dan Murphy’s in Pert though? Can you point me in the right direction?!


  19. Kat Says:

    Hi there,
    I have only recently discovered your summer ale (love it!) and most places are out of stock (Dan’s and 1st choice).
    Will you definitely be making more??

  20. Dave Says:

    Yes Kat,
    Def making more. You should find it at Dan’s from about now…!

  21. Trav Says:

    Hey guys,

    Awesome to see goat in a can. As much as I prefer drinking from a bottle, convenience and ability to take it to summer festivals is a huge thing.

  22. Dave Says:

    Thanks Travis!
    Glad you like. Appreciate the feedback.

  23. chase Says:

    Hey guys love this beer just bought 2 cartons today in Perth took me ages to find it but can’t get enough of it but was wondering is it a permanent to your range? The guy at the bottle shop said its a one off release I need this confirmed you’s would be crazy not to keep making this beer.great beer.

  24. Dave Says:

    Hey Chase,
    We’re glad you like it!
    I’m afraid for now its only a limited release.

    We do have something else up our sleeve, and Summer Ale will be back this coming spring…

    Hope you can hang on.


  25. Stewie Says:

    Need moar Summer Ale. Was so disappointed to find out Dan’s no longer stocking. Please make this a regular!

  26. Dave Says:

    Hey Stewie,
    Summer isn’t gone for that long…and we’ve Fancy Pants in a can to tide you over…!
    Thanks for the mail and the stoke up.

  27. Ryan Says:

    Hey guys,
    My girlfriend and I absolutely adore this beer, it’s our favourite by far! Is there any chance I could get a more detailed list of ingredients so I could try my hand at brewing a batch to tide us over until it’s available again?

  28. Dave Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Sure – Pilsener and Wheat Malt (around 20%) – then a bunch of kiwi Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops late in the whirlpool and fermenter. Low bitterness, high aroma/fruitiness additions.

    Ferment at 21. Don’t filter – drink!

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