Mountain Goat is about to turn 15 years old. Not sure how we’ve done it, but we’re still intact and we feel the need to celebrate.  First up, Dave has been busy creating a birthday beer – the Triple Hightail, while I have been doing my best to put together a short tour of some of our favourite craft beer bars around the country so we can have a beer with our friends. (The very same people who have helped us get to where we are now). So kicking off Wed 10 October where it all started – the Great Britain Hotel in Richmond (the first pub to give us a go back in 1997) we will be visiting 6 states plus the NT. We’ll have a good line up of Goat kegs with us and a few bottles of Triple Hightail too (we’re only bottling 250 cases of this one). Would love to see you for a beer along the way. Note: if you want to attend NT event at the Goat Island Lodge, you’ll need a boat (or a helicopter).