Rare Breed #4 is out and about. Now.

It’s a Rye IPA, kinda same same but different to our regular IPA, but we use 20% malted rye in the grist in addition to malted barley. Rye gives a rich nuttiness to the mouthfeel that complements the big hit of galaxy and cascade hops that follows.

On the nose it’s all fruity hops – tropical and zingy. The palate is full, bitter and rich – the rye helping out with this. It clocks in atΒ 6.1%abv, 60BUs…

Available at McCoppins, Slow Beer, Blackhearts & Sparrows and other discerning beery stores.

Hope you like it!


2 Responses to “Rye IPA: Out Now…”

  1. Steve Burton

    Hi there,
    just tried your Rye IPA and surprisingly, didn’t like it so cancelled the carton I had lined up in Adelaide at Vintage (sorry fellas) However, your Rare Breed IPA (non-rye) released some time ago wa in a class of its own and I want more if you can help out…?

  2. Ant

    Hi guys,

    Couple of things…are you able to send us a full bottle image of the Rye IPA…we love it. Just back from the States and tried the same out of Sierra Nevada. Also, how do we find out what’s going on with the Good Beer Week events and coming down for some of these.


    Ant Young


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