This year’s Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is embracing craft beer more than ever (round of applause). There’s Beer Masterclasses, Liquid Lounges and Beer Breakfasts au go-go.

What’s uber exciting for us, tho’, is they’re bringing out Mikkeller Brewery’s Mikkel Borg Bjergsø from Denmark to talk thru his beer philosophies and gypsy brewing ways. If you haven’t heard of Mikkeller, look ‘em up now.


Even better yet, Mikkel’s gonna do a brew with us.

Even better than that, you can be a part of it.


You see, while the brew goes on we’re going to hold an exclusive 5-course dinner for 30 people, catered by pop-up specialists the 36 collective. These guys have experience working at Attica and Cutler & Co – no muckin’ around there.

Each of the courses will be matched with a Goat and Mikkeller beer, and both Mikkel and our own Chief Brewer Dave Bonighton will be there to rumble with you.

Tickets are $150, available from Dec 2nd thru Ticketmaster, and will go fast.

To check out other Festival events including the Liquid Lounge and Beer Breakfast go here.