Our latest Cross Breed is out.

We’ve called it Seedy Goat, and it’s a Coffee IPA. We’re a little excited about it.

It’s a collaboration with our mates at Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, who brought the coffee expertise.

We’ve integrated coffee into the beer without taking the beeriness out (we still believe beeriness is an important characteristic of beer). What we’ve come up with is a big, hoppy IPA – with a twist of coffee.

It took many beer and coffee sampling sessions but finally we decided on the Nicaraguan ‘Finca El Limoncillo’ Pacamara Bean which displays guava, prune & paw paw flavours.

The coffee partially replaces hops in the bitterness, flavour and aroma of the beer. This is no tacked on flavour, but a complex fruity kick, all the way to the back of your palate.

You’ll find it at good, independent bottleshops, and you can get a draft version when we tap it at Goat Bar this Wednesday and Friday night. (Some of you early birds may have already tried it…)

We hope you dig it like we do…