For those beer people that have been living under a rock the last few weeks, it’s Good Beer Week! Its a week jam packed full of beery fun. There’s dinners, food matching, a great beer debate and rare beer tastings…Check it out here:

One of the special events for us, is well, by us. This Wednesday (18th May), we’re unveiling our latest collaboration brew. It’s a long story, shown in printed and video form…

This one’s a little closer to home – its an All-Abbotsford brew (I know, we’re in Richmond, but we can see Abbotsford from the brewery).

We got talking to the Moondog Brewers one night over a beer, and it seemed a no-brainer to one day do a brew with them, it’d be the neighbourly thing to do, right?

Moondog Brewery happens to live and brew, like, three doors down from CUB – literally in their shadow. Its a great location for what they’re going to brew (crazy with a capital K beers). Barney from Beer Deluxe (soon to be of Murray’s Brewbar in Manly), suggested we get CUB to collaborate with us as well – it’d be the neighbourly thing to do right?

We all looked at each other in silence for a moment or two, and said, well sure, let’s see if they’d be up for it. Turns out they were.

They sent down Neil Whitthorn of Matilda Bay to brew with us, along with all three Moondogs. There’s a pretty rad video right here. It tells the full story.

Needless to say we had a blast, and made some beer as well!

We hope to see you in here on Wednesday to sample this very rare brew, or out and about at Good Beer Week this week.