The Hoeff, straight off the line...

This one’s straight off the line, fresh as a daisy.

Dry, clean, fruity and just a little bit German, the Hoeff (pronounced “The Hoeff”) is our Hefeweizen. Hefeweizen as a style originated in the South of Germany, one of the cradles of brewing. ‘Hefe’ means yeast, and ‘Weizen’ means Wheat – wammo! cloudy wheat beer. A special yeast was flown in for this one – and it displays all the typical Hefeweizen characters – banana, clove – while leaving a clean, dry finish.

Its a great summer style, and it’ll be back at the Goat Bar from tonight, along with Goldilocks, IPA, Steam & Hightail. We’re getting fruity again in Randy this week (this tropical Melbourne weather is really getting to us) and putting peaches and mint in with Steam Ale.

And on another thing, Goat Bar will be open this Christmas Eve, but closed New Year’s Eve. Love to see you in here for a Christmas drink.

We hope you all have a beery Christmas and hoppy New Year (ugh, sorry).