imagesOne of the happier coincidences of the chilly season is that it’s not only Stout season, but also when oysters are at their best. That they go so well together is just the cherry on top of the cream…

Stout and oysters have been a classic match for centuries (well at least 4). In the 1700s oysters were a common, inexpensive food served in taverns in coastal regions of the UK. Happily, this was when stout was at its most popular. The salty, briny-ness of a raw oyster complements the roasted, bittersweet finish of stout, while the smooth velvety carbonation of stout lifts and softens the oyster. As I said before, yum.

Anyway, enough chit chat. Down to business.

On 23 July (next Friday), from 6pm, we’ll be shucking fresh oysters at the bar. There’ll be two varieties of oyster and two stouts…the Surefoot, and the Surefoot thru Randy with coffee beans (for those who need to stay up all night).

We’d love to see you,