Last May was Beer Awards season – remember the one where we won a Gold, 2 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals? – anyway, that same week we were honoured to have Richard Watkins from the Wig & Pen Brewery in Canberra come down and do a brew with us. I believe you would call it a Collaborative Brew.

Richard’s the ultimate craft brewer. He’s made over 60 different styles of beer, and won countless medals for them.ย He puts truffles and brandy-soaked cumquats in his Randy. He made our Randy for us. He’s a beer judge. He’s a ripping Beer Travel Tour Guide, and could drink the German Football team under the table.

Smart arse.

Anyway, Rich wanted to make a Doppelbock, and, being the accommodating, flexible people we are, we said, “shitchyeah!” and so it was.

For those who don’t speak German, a Doppelbock means Double, or Strong Bock. A Bock is a robust, dark, malty lager. A Doppelbock is a REALLY robust, dark, malty lager.

Long story short, its going on for the first time tonight. We’ve called it Richard III. Not because its a hunch-backed, malevolent, power hungry English king, but because it’s the third Bock we’ve made, and well, its obvious, yeah?

Richard III comes in at 7.4%, is deep amber in colour and will warm the cockles of your heart.



And PS if you’re anywhere near Canberra, go to the Wig & Pen Brewery…!