She’s back. All Strong, Belgian, Golden, Blondeness of her. And this time she’s Oakey.

Rapunzel is brewed in the style of a true Belgian Abbey beer. In the days of old monks used to brew these beers with the help of the almighty (we assume). We’ve taken a leaf from their book and combined Pilsener Malt, German Hallertau hops and a Belgian Yeast strain to produce a full-on, 7.7% alc/vol slice of Flanders.

This current 2010 version also comes with extra baggage – there’s an Oaked version.

Last May we filled a chardonnay barrel with 2009 Rapunzel, and we let it sit for 9 months. The French Oak has imparted distinct vanilla, apple and honey characters that just can’t be delivered other than by oak. We blended it back with a little of the 2010 Rapunzel, and whammo. It’s really something out of the box (barrel?).

Oakey Rapunzel is now pouring at the brewery bar (alongside regular Rapunzel) for a Very Limited Time. There is not much of this beer (Not much at all after the brewers get their share). So don’t lolly-gag.

Oh, and to celebrate Oakey Rapunzel, we’re going to have a Rapunzel night. 26th March. Three Rapunzels (Oakey, Randied, and regular), and matching food – Mussels and frites. We open at 5pm.

That’s it. See you soon.