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You can get up close to a Goat any Wednesday night here at the brewery. We open at 5pm and run free brewery tours at 6:30 each week. An excellent time to see new batches of Goat coming into the world on a guided tour with one of our brewers. We have all our beers on tap in here and cook good pizzas too. We’re also open Friday nights from 5 but are unable to take tours on Fridays cos we’re usually a bit busy.

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  1. Kathryn McKeough Says:


    I was wondering whether you also do the brewery tours on a Friday as well as a Wed? I have 10 staff who would like to come along and see how it all works at Goat. Is this too many people at once on a tour? Assuming we would need to book for a Wed?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    We can only do tours on a Wednesday at this point. 10′s a great number, and yes, its best if you could book.
    Love to see you.

  3. Dave Says:

    6.30 sharp! But if you’re 10 mins late, you’ll have just missed the banter…
    We’re open til 10pmish…

  4. Sarah Says:

    We visited your Brewery for a free $100 voucher we got to spend from Young and Jackson and it was a great experience. God knows how we spent $100 on only two of us but we had a BLAST and the Beer was excellent along with the friendly service and great Pizza too! THANKS SO MUCH, Sarah and Eva, Frankston VIC 3199

  5. Andrew Joliffe Says:

    We are interested in visiting your brewery on 16th November. Would that be acceptable with you?

  6. Dave Says:

    We’d be honoured and delighted!
    We’re open from 5pm.
    See you next week,

  7. Dave Says:

    Thanks guys.
    Appreciate the feedback. Great to hear the prize went to worthy recipients!

  8. Roy Weir Says:

    Hi Goats,
    I can understand you are usually busy on Fridays but any chance of a quick brewers tours for 3 brewers/drinkers on Friday the 27th Jan? We come early just make a time if possible. Thanks Roy Don & Andrew.

  9. Dave Says:

    Hey Roy,
    We can’t do tours on Friday I’m sorry. Only Wed at 6.30pm.
    The bar/brewery is very open and you can see everything from the bar (and have a beer in your hand as well!).
    Hope to see you soon.

  10. Ben Says:

    I know your tour is starting in under 3 hours, thought I’d let you know that 4 or 5 of us will be there this evening. Hope it’s not too late or too many.
    Thankee Kindly

  11. Dave Says:

    No probs Ben,
    I’m sure we’ll be able to squeeze you in…

  12. Georgia Says:

    Hey, I am only staying in Melbourne for a few days Thurs 29th – Sun 1st April. Was really hoping to have a tour. Do you think you will be too busy to do a tour on the Friday?

  13. Dave Says:

    Hey Georgia,
    Thanks for the mail. I’m sorry but we can only do tours on Wed nights. If you come down Friday, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what we do – the brewery’s all on show!


  14. Martin Says:

    Are the brewery tours still running every wednesday through Nov and Dec this year?
    Planning to come with a small group, not sure what date yet though!

  15. meilia Says:

    Hi dave,

    planning to come down this wednesday (27th feb). Is that a good time?


  16. Dave Says:

    Sure thing Meilia!
    We open at 5pm.

  17. Rob Says:

    Hey fellas,
    Will you guys be opening on Good Friday?

  18. Dave Says:

    Sorry Rob,
    No can do. We’re open the Wednesday before and the week after as usual though.

  19. Max Says:

    My dad loves your beer and I want to come in tomorrow night (Wednesday the 5th of feb) for the tour. Do I need to book Or just turn up?

  20. Dave Says:

    Hey Max,
    Just roll up. How many of you will there be?
    Tour starts at 6.30pm.

  21. Paul bailey Says:

    will you be open on wednesday? i’ll bein a group of three?

  22. Dave Says:

    Yep Paul,
    We’re open from 5pm, tours from 6.30pm.
    See you then,

  23. Trent Says:

    hey, just wondering if you need to book for Wednesday night brewery tours?
    Cheer, trent

  24. Dave Says:

    Hey Trent,
    Not usually – how many of you will there be?

  25. Brendan Murnane Says:

    I, along with some friends are interested in coming along to the Brewery on Wednesday night to hopefully do a tour and sample some of your fine beers! Do I need to book that? There would possibly be six of us in total



  26. Dave Says:

    Hey Brendan,
    No need to book for 6, but thanks for letting us know…
    See you Wed!

  27. Emily Says:


    Will there be a tour on at 6.30pm this evening?

    Myself and a group of about 6 friends are hoping to do it!



  28. Dave Says:

    Yep Emily,
    6.30pm sharp. Just register when you get here…

    See you soon!