Changes a plenty here at Goat at the moment. The big news is that we’ve changed our beer line up here after many years. So, we’ve now stopped brewing Pale Ale and replaced it with our new certified organic Steam Ale. It’s a similar styled beer but the Steam uses organic ingredients, is fermented cooler and incorporates some wheat malt in the grist make up. It’s not an in your face beer, so if you want to be smacked about by hops, wait for one of our new seasonal longneck releases.

The other newsworthy item is that we’ve stopped putting our IPA into 330ml bottles. Don’t fear, it will resurface in the coming months in a slightly different form and in a 640ml bottle. We plan to bring out new beers in longnecks every season or so. Those one-off batches we’ve only ever put into kegs in the past might just start making their way into bottles!

Any questions, feedback etc feel free to send us an email.

Cheers, Cam.

Steam pic