He’s a glass tube-looking thing to the left of the left hand tap font in here at the bar, and he performs a special beer trick.

Randy is short for Randall Handle – a device that delivers fresh hop flavour and aroma direct from the flower to your glass. Beyond having hops floating in your pint, its the best way to put aroma in your beer.

We should pause and talk about hops for a minute.

Hops do three important things: They impart bitterness to balance the sweetness of malt, making the beer more drinkable and thirst quenching. They have distinctive flavour compounds (ie grassy, citrusy) and thirdly they have delicate aromas (ie fruity, spicy).

The later you add hops to your beer, the better, more pronounced and fresher the hop aromas and flavours will be.

So, how late can you get hops in your beer?…Just before you drink it.

This is where Randy comes in.

Randy sits quietly on top of the bar, holding fresh hop flowers. As the beer comes out of the
keg it passes into Randy, races over the fresh hops, picking up the delicate aromas and flavours. It then goe
s through another temprite (to further chill the beer) then straight into your glass.

Then you drink it. Rock n Roll.

Best thing is you can see it happen right before your eyes.

So if you love hops, and fresh hop flavour and aroma, you need to meet Randy. Only in here at Goat HQ. Wednesday and Friday nights…