I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to come up with something interesting/witty/amusing to blog about when this landed in my lap, or
Inbox actually, and it made me chuckle so I wanted to share it with you all. The email (pasted below) is titled “Oops I froze my beer” and it has our marketing department (Cam) working himself into a
frenzy about Hightail-cicles – imagine the excise implications! We’ve all “been there” (I was there earlier today actually) and I was totally feeling (Insert Name Here)’s pain. We love hearing your
random Goat related tales…Anyway here it is…

“I have a shite day at work only to get home and have the dogs over power me at the back gate and do a sprint for freedom…but no.. it’s more
of a comedy routine as I try and catch them. Grab one and put it behind the gate, only to have it escape again as I try and catch the other…oh yeah and I only dropped in to feed them before
rushing off to another appointment (I think they knew and were punishing me)

SO eventually I catch them both, get them both behind the gate and the gate closed! Phew! Can’t make that
appointment now grrr! But wait! in the fridge awaits a tasty hightail ale mmmm that’ll make it all better.

I go so far as to chill a beer glass with cold water to pour it in (I have some v.
nice beer glasses and its not excessive for a special occasion (beer) to use them)

Only wait clunk, chink…what’s that ICE? in my beer?? NOOOooooo! How did that happen ? (fridge too cold?
not opening the fridge enough to drink beer?) Is the world against me today?

Anyway I’m looking from the beer bottle (with a guilty looking ice block in it) to the glass of beer, to the
fridge with a sort of disappointed/accusatory look on my face. I check the fridge…It’s the last goat. I’m disappointed. I’m from WA and the goat don’t get here that easily.

Then i’m
feeling a little blasphameous but what could it hurt… I take a sip…mmm not that bad…. I could drink that. tasty even.

Not that bad, even when it’s been half frozen…Yeah I finished it
and thought yum. -just thought I’d share that with you.

But wait! I just found another one, behind the dog food in the fridge and it’s not frozen mmm even tastier…just a bit more subtle
chocolate flavors coming through…