Goat Pale, plus Hightail, some IPA... oh the possibilities..
Goat Pale, plus Hightail, some IPA... oh the possibilities...

Well a great new venue has just opened at 125 Smith St and its a little bit diff’rent! One great thing about this venue is that they focus on serving locally produced beer, wine and food (with organic options), they also contribute a portion of every drink sold to environmental causes, they have a dog, and music and arts event space, they use rainwater for the flushing etc…etc. All of these reasons result in a perfect place to enjoy a Goat, and the best bit, our Pale and other Goats on tap (currently IPA & Hightail).

If you would like to know more please contact the guys on 9416 1994 or grumpys@grumpysgreen.com or check out http://www.grumpysgreen.com