Merry Christmas everybody,

2008 has been a mammoth year here in Goatland, and we live to fight another year (number 11…). Whoa.
Thankyou to everyone who got close to a Goat this year. We love seeing you in here, and we love your feedback, hell we just love you. Youse all.

We’ll be brewing thru the Christmas week, so
the bar’s going to be open Christmas Eve. Naz’ll be taking one of his patented tours at 6.30pm – maybe with a special Yule theme. He’s talking about turning the brewery into a giant nativity scene
and telling the story of the birth of Christ through beer. Don’t miss that!

We’ll be shut on Boxing Day (Friday Night), and shut on New Years Eve (Wednesday), and back open again on the 2nd
Jan (Friday). We know you’ll be ready for a drink by then so come and see us.

Have a great Chrissie and a ripper New Year.

See you in 2009.