I love beer….and I love music…..and here at the Goat I get to indulge my two greatest passions on a daily basis, and Cam and Dave
are good enough to pay me for the privilege….hah!

In this place brewing isn’t just about water, malt, hops and yeast.
It’s about digesting and dissecting the latest Drones record whilst mashing out, or cleaning up after a long and tiresome bottling day with a little help from post-punk maestro Jay Reatard. I’m also fortunate to work with a bunch of people that share my love of craft beer and dirty rock’n’roll. Well, most of the time. There are some rules. Unwritten rules I’ll grant you, but rules that are best adhered to for fear of ostracisation and/or unemployment. Whilst this may not be the best forum to provide an exhaustive list of said rules, let’s just say this – first album of the day must be of the folk/alt-country ilk, nothing too hard too early, at least until the first two coffees kick in.

It’s best not to play any Dirty Three within earshot of Cam. Playing an album
twice in the same day will incur the considerable wrath of Jayne, and only the Executive Brewer, Dave, can get away with a four hour Neil Young playlist. Oh, and any form of electronic music is generally frowned upon, to be be saved only for letting loose in the wee hours at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre… But even with strict adherence to these rules, given that there is music playing most of the time in the brewery, there is still some risk of great personal sufferance. As much as i’m loathe to admit it, i’ve been busted several times pulling out some of what I consider to be world-class air guitar. And unfortunately I have etched into my brain the look on an unwitting, nameless courier’s face as, eyes closed, deep in the moment, I belt out the chorus to a very, very bad 80’s track. Still, these moments pale into insignificance compared with the thought of ‘dead air’. I guess i’m just thankful that well-crafted music and the production of good craft beer can coexist in harmony. I love my job…